Tyler Basu: How To Launch A Podcast & Get Featured On iTunes New And Noteworthy

By Tyler Basu | Podcast

Tyler Basu | Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcast

Lifestyle Business Magazine Publisher Tyler Basu shares the specific steps taken to launch this podcast and get featured on the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes for multiple categories. He shares specific tips to help you create your podcast, the benefits of being featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy, and what to do before, during, and after your launch to maximize your podcast’s success.

On This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The results of the Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcast launch
  • An overview of how to create a podcast
  • How to clarify the objectives for your podcast
  • Benefits of being featured in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes
  • What to do before you launch (pre-launch)
  • What to do when you launch to maximize your show’s exposure
  • Tips for ensuring the long-term growth and success of your podcast

Resources Mentioned:

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About the Author

Tyler Basu is the Founder & Publisher of Lifestyle Business Magazine , Host of the Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcastand the author of Lifestyle Business Blueprint.

  • Nikki says:

    Hi! Great episode! I have 8 episodes recorded of my new parenting podcast. I haven’t launched on iTunes yet, and your suggestions for launching have been super helpful.
    I do have a question. I told my personal social media audience that I’d be launching this month and then listened to this and realize I have a lot of marketing to do!
    Who did you hire to design your “squeeze” page? Im not super familiar with designing or adding free resources to the WP site I created for the show. Thank you for any suggestions!!!!

    • Tyler Basu says:

      Hey Nikki, thanks for commenting – I’m glad this was helpful for you! To answer your question, I didn’t hire anyone to set up a squeeze page. Lately, I’ve been using Thrive Themes (https://thrivethemes.com/) to set up websites, landing pages, sales funnels, etc. Feel free to email me privately if you want some help with these steps: tyler(at)lifestylebusinessmag.com. Best of luck with your podcast launch!

    • Mike Birtwistle says:

      Hey Nikki,

      May I suggest you check out Clickfunnels.

      If you’re using WordPress you can add resources like PDF’s by adding them like you would any media.

      As for designing resources check out a site like Upwork.com, you can easily have someone from over seas put together all sorts of great content or do any number of things that you want to outsource to free up your time.

      Good luck.

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