Stefan James: How To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

By Tyler Basu | Podcast

Stefan James | Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcast

Stefan James is a 7-figure internet entrepreneur and the founder of Project Life Mastery. In this interview, we discuss Stefan’s journey as an entrepreneur, including how he generates a significant amount of revenue for his online business using affiliate marketing, why affiliate marketing is a great business model for anyone getting started online, how to use content marketing to build a brand, and other tips for building a lifestyle business.

More About Stefan James:

Stefan James is a 7-figure internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler with an obsession to live life to the fullest and fulfilling his potential as a human being. In 2012, he started Project Life Mastery as a way to openly and passionately share all of the knowledge, tools, resources, and strategies that have made and continue to make a measurable difference to his quality of life.

Visit Stefan’s website:

Check out Stefan’s Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course

On This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Stefan got started in business & why he became an entrepreneur
  • A definition and overview of affiliate marketing
  • Why affiliate marketing is a great business model for getting started online
  • Using content marketing to build your audience
  • Why building brand a critical to your long term success
  • Challenges of building an online business and how to overcome them
  • People, systems, and tools he uses to run his business
  • Specific habits or activities that are key to Stefan’s success
  • Stefan’s definition of success
  • Actions steps for building a successful lifestyle business

Resources Mentioned:

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