5 Tips To Overcome Laziness And Procrastination

By Gabriel Nwatarali | Blog

Are you having trouble with putting things off or not feeling like doing stuff you care about? Or maybe you’ve got a combination of both problems. This article will get to the core of these matters plus give you tips for overcoming laziness and procrastination.

Overcoming Procrastination and Laziness

First, let’s start with procrastination because it’s a big issue in our societies. It can ruin dreams, goals and prevent most people from being successful in whichever endeavor they choose. It can rob us of our joy and excitement about life as a whole.

But sometimes procrastination can be a good thing in certain situations. This is because at times, we may think certain to-do tasks are important but plenty of times, they’re not.

For example, I regularly use a daily to-do list and at day end, I’ve often found that some things just weren’t that important. It’s not like I couldn’t have done them but they could be put off so that I can focus on other important stuff.

According to Leo, a self-mastery coach from Actualized, procrastination happens when we really feel that we must, need or should do something. This creates an internal battle in our minds because we’re prone to be resistant to things naturally.

Essentially, we start thinking of all the negative things about doing the given task. Whenever there’s too much of a need or seemingly fewer choices, we often end up not doing the work at all or give up on our commitment.

He also went on to suggest that rather than telling ourselves a given task is mandatory, instead we should remember that we have choices. Such as doing it the next day or breaking it up into several actions that can be completed little at a time.

From my own personal experience, I overcame procrastination by getting excited. You see… I spent a long time doing things that I just wasn’t passionate about or liked to do. And on some level, hated.

You may be experiencing a similar circumstance too. It wasn’t until I started doing more things I enjoyed, that I got procrastination under control. This is where doing what you’re passionate about or enjoy comes in play. It can help you beat procrastination.

However, sometimes you may actually have something to do that you simply must power through. It could be writing an article on a topic that you’re simply not interested in or cold calling for new clients.

Either way, these tasks simply must be completed and that’s ok. In situations like that, you can either outsource all (or parts) of the work or pick a day that you’ll only do that one thing.

Laziness, however, is different from procrastination and shouldn’t be confused. But the same solutions for solving laziness can also be used to help people stop procrastinating.

We’re LAZY whenever there’s a task that we’re able to do but decide not to do it because our motivation to avoid work trumps that of doing what’s best! Basically, not doing what we need to do because it’s hard. Sound familiar?

Listen, we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. But you’re going to need a little help if you’re going to finally take control.

Here are 5 tips for overcoming procrastination and laziness:

1. Use The “2-minute Rule”

I first heard of this rule from author James Clear. I’ve since tested out the “2-minute rule” and it works. It helps me complete those things that are so simple but yet my mind somehow convinces me to add them to my to-do list.

Here’s how it works:

Whenever you’ve got a task that you’re thinking of putting off for later, ask yourself the following question. How long will this take?

If the answer is two minutes or less, then do it right away! This principle can also be applied to big goals too because most tasks take less than two minutes to be set in motion.

2. Use a To-do List

Having a to-do list is a smart way of loosening the grip of procrastination and laziness. It’s also a great way to stay on track for the entire day.

I use a checkmark every time I finish something that’s on my list. And I get excited every time that I’m about to check off a task.

My friends say it’s a psychological thing and I don’t know the full details, but it sure makes me feel satisfied. Perhaps, it can work for you too!

3. Start Quickly

Ever arrive at work and say something like, “oh let me just check social media first”? If so, you probably know how quickly time can fly by.

So often, we sabotage ourselves by doing other things before work when starting is the toughest part, especially, if you’re dealing with chronic laziness or procrastination.

Just start! But you can also trick your mind to starting work first. Try telling yourself that you’ll only spend the first 5 or 10 minutes working before checking social media or email or whatever you thought of doing. Chances are that you’ll realize those things could wait.

4. Ignore Distractions

In most situations, you can’t avoid distractions but you can block or ignore them.

For instance, if you work with co-workers who like to chitchat all the time, just listen, say nothing and keep working. After enough uh-huh moments, they’ll likely stop talking and let you work.

I’m not advocating that you become anti-social, just suggesting that there’s a time for chitchat but interrupting important task isn’t one of them.

You can also block out certain distractions like closing your email client so that you don’t see every notification as you work. Or you could even disable your Internet altogether.

5. Do The Hardest Tasks First!

The hardest thing that you need to do in any given day is the one that you’re most likely to procrastinate or get lazy about. So do it first and once complete, you’ll feel good and more productive.

This feeling will carry you through the rest of your to-do list, especially, if you’re someone that dreads or fears hard work.

Bottom line…

This may not be something some of us like to hear but ACTION cures procrastination and laziness. So while the above-mentioned tips will work for some people, it may not for others.

If you’ve tried a lot of things and are still having difficulties, then perhaps, you just need to make an honest decision to start taking action on the things that matter to you! Tips or advice are great but at the end of the day, action is what gets things done.

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