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Marsha Kelly sold her first business for more than a million dollars. She has shared hard-won experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur on her Best4Businesses blog, where she also regularly posts business tips, ideas, and suggestions as well as product reviews for business readers. As a serial entrepreneur who has done “time” in corporate America, Marsha has learned what products and services work well in business today. You can learn from her experiences to build your business.

How to Groom Your Small Business for a Six-Figure Sale

By Marsha Kelly | Blog

When most people think of entrepreneurs and small business, they envision a craftsperson or hobbyist with a great new business idea who breaks away from the nine-to-five grind by building a dream into an empire. This mythical visionary leads the brand through decades of growth and then retires, passing the reigns of their brainchild to […]

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