How to Raise Money from Investors (5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Focus On)

By Patrick Panuncillon | Blog

Many entrepreneurs tend to get anxious when it comes to raising outside funds for the first time. The procedure isn’t for the submissive since most experienced investors tend to be clever, diligent and skeptical in reviewing opportunities offered to them.

Starting a business is expensive. And few entrepreneurs have the money on hand to get the business running without any help. If you are just starting a small business or considering to expand your business, you may ask for funding through a microloan, a traditional loan, crowdfunding or cash from your family and friends. You can also solicit funding from investors.

Here’s how to win potential investors so that you will cover all bases as best you as can. It can help you establish your best plan, manage SEO tasks, and your possible pitch to obtain money for your small business funding necessities.

1. Dynamic Market Opportunity

It is where investors will start mostly. They will consider how large is the addressable demand that your business is looking to serve. Investors understand that rising tides lift all boats. Many investors will look to set bets in new, rising sectors.

For many years, the landscape for global entrepreneurial has witnessed significant shifts regarding trends, with small-to-medium enterprise playing a crucial role in economic and social advancement.

The factors that spur entrepreneurship have two different markets, the mature market, and rapid-growth market. Mature market struggles out of opportunity while rapid-growth blossom out of necessity.

Due to the pervasiveness of strong entrepreneurial structures that provide access to capital, tax frameworks and effectual legislative, mature markets use impactful and progressive startups to create new segments.  Facebook, Twitter, Google and Virgin Airlines are just some of the examples that come to mind when we talk about successful start-ups.

2. An Evident Investment Structure

Acquiring ownership in business has legal consequences, and investors want to make sure that you already considered those matters. You must have an investment or business structure in place that permits other parties to buy in. You will also need to have an explicit representation for how the investment will work.

Out of all the choices and decisions that you make when starting a business, the type of investment structure that you select for your company also matters. Not only will it create an impact on the amount of taxes that you will pay, but it can also affect the ability of your business to raise money, the amount of paperwork that your business is required to do and the personal liability that you will face.

3. Team’s Execution Ability

A prospective investor will anxiously look into why your team is well set to establish and accomplish a plan and become a market. Investors consider what kind of area of expertise does the team possess which makes them a reliable feature in the market.

The success of a particular business is more than just about the person, and the plan than the idea. Being a thinker and a visionary is good. However, a business that produces real world change is the real deal.  

One great example is Elon Musk, a well-known visionary entrepreneur. His influence and fortune come from great companies that he built including  Tesla Motors, PayPal, and SpaceX. He has the knack to surround himself with people who can complement his skills and follow his work ethics. This influence is Musk’s best deck of cards to provide outstanding results.

The challenge is to acknowledge the people with the right characteristics to get results as well as training yourself to work on the right things. The last thing that you would want is to hire people who are always busy but never seem to get anything done.

4. Crunch the Numbers

Investors want to produce money. It is your responsibility to prove them that your business will make that objective happen for them. From the very beginning, you have to impress them from your first email to the actual business proposal.

If your company has not started yet, then you must assert what things can you do to meet their expectations, when you will reach your target numbers, and when your investor can expect to start receiving their money back. It means you need a compelling business plan.

5. Investor Relevance

You should not underestimate the significance of investor relevant. There are many factors to this, including the industry that your startup business is active in, the level of your company,  and investor skill in your market space.

Consider it as a piece to a puzzle. If there are various links between the strategy of the investor and your startup, the investor will probably get more engagements, and the relevance becomes evident. Conducting your research up front will settle shares and make sure that you will not spend a lot of time with an investor who is not a natural fit.


Investors are in for any business to earn money. And as a business owner, you will do anything to improve your business like SEO management and driving customers. An entrepreneur’s task is to prove the investors that he’ll do it better than their other funding opportunities.

The essential thing you can do is to prepare to make a successful pitch. All business plan must be as indisputable as you can make it.

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